Every journey starts the same when it comes down to hiring a new creative head.

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Over the past year, Mr Sighencea has resolved a number of technical issues for my company Asset Pro IT, which has allowed me to concentrate on what I do best, and that is training and consultancy support of modern maintenance best practices. I would recommend Mr Sighencea as a competent and creative problem solver.

Joe O. / Asset Pro IT Ltd.

Mr. Sighencea has created the ideal homepage for my law office. He took very good care of every aspect of my wishes. Mr. Sighencea not only fully realized my wishes within a very short time, but also optimized the homepage with his own ideas. Especially I would like to empathise the contemporary design, which makes my new homepage stand out compared to other law firm websites. The client feedback regarding my new homepage was very positive. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Sighencea for his dedication on weekends and for his expert advice!

André H. / Lawyer

Radu’s perception of my needs for a portfolio website and the delivery of the final concept was spot on. I threw out all sorts of ideas at him and fortunately he was able to tailor everything together and make it look simple and structured. He gathered my ideas and focused on merging them in the most efficient way. The thing I respect most about him is his ability to tell you that something you suggested sucks, when it really sucks. This kind of direct feedback is not for everyone, but if you dare to trust him, he will turn your thoughts into artwork. I guess this is what makes him stand out of the crowd, in addition to his always odd socks.

Amalia P. / Foto Model

Having had Radu in my Airbnb team for nearly 2 years taught me one major thing: Don’t believe in average stats. While the average NPS for the German market was at 56, Radu managed to keep his NPS between 63 and 86, which is not typical for this market. It must have been because of his cultural background as a native Romanian speaker and his proficiency in German and English. Radu was able to creatively solve the most difficult cases with ease. I highly recommend Radu if you’re looking for a multi talented person with a high level of emotional intelligence who also speaks and understands the culture of three different languages.

Brice A. /  Airbnb Manager

Radu is an exceptional thinker, able to find an effective solution with creativity and product knowledge. He is an inspirational person and has the unique skill of showing empathy while applying technical skills. We colleagues loved working with him and the senior management team appreciated his potential.

Alessandro B. / Payment Specialist Voxpro

When I contacted Radu first, I had in my head the idea of a simple and easy recognisable logo for my brand “Body Definition”. He successfully exceeded my expectations and I decided to hire him to do the entire corporate identity branding design. The website was elegant, the nutrition and training plan templates were easy to follow by my clients and the videoclips we produced together helped me get more customers. If you’re looking for a result driven designer, make sure to hire the right guy, like I did with Radu.

Witali S. / Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist

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